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Can we just talk? About random things that have been on everyone's mind? Like the vast amount of online shopping COVID-19 has us doing. Or the weird things we never thought we would have done but are doing now because COVID has us cooped up. Or when can we send the kids back to school???!!!

Saline County Library Marketing Manager, Kari Beesley, will have a special guest join us to talk about how COVID has affected them personally. This is a time to laugh and just have some interaction. We encourage our viewers to jump on in the comments and answer questions or ask your own! 

We are excited to have some of our Library Card Sign-Up Month Sponsors join us! Jump on to say hi to Dani Conrad, Owner of Camp Happy Tails, Yoni
Johnson with Olde Salem Township and Fiser Development, andMike Treat, Owner of AR Car Clinic.


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